Wonderful News this Spring!

Wonderful News this Spring!

2021 Apr 3rd

Spring's warmer lighter days hint it's time to renew our wardrobes, and perhaps even reinvent ourselves and the lives we lead.

Our new collections are almost all in-store - in perfect sync with the warmer weather. We cannot decide which collection is our favourite. We adore La Bottega di Brunella from Positano for its classically elegant styles in handwoven linens but we also adore Manuelle Guibal for her artistic eye and dancer's grace. Her classic collection has arrived in the happiest hues of blue, iris, pink, white and black. Barbara Lang presents yet another unforgettably romantic experience in linen and cotton. Most styles are created in her preferred neutrals but, on certain items, she surprises us with fun polka dots and contrasting trims.

We cannot ignore Majestic Filatures and its elegant Parisian tees nor Épice scarves, bags and t-shirts that, in unique and gorgeous colours and patterns, give a "je ne sais quoi" flare to all and everything. Banana Blue that embraces the laidback Australian lifestyle has also found its way to us, as has socks from Bonne Maison that add a touch of colour and art to our tootsies.

Any day now - fingers-crossed - we expect to receive shipments from Italy, France, Germany and Japan. We are eagerly awaiting handbags from Marco Campomaggi who designs for those who appreciate beauty and longevity. And we are especially fond of those design houses that go that extra mile to preserve the environment like Zyga from Paris whose colourful, easy-going, modestly priced collection is in 100% natural linen. Elemente Clemente, teaming with Jane Goodall, is also deeply concerned with sustainable fashion yet has not lost sight of its original idea of creating comfortable, colourful, stylish silhouettes. There is more, so much more and though we would like to describe our new Bensimon sneakers, and second delivery of fine linen from Vlas Blomme, we want to leave a few surprises.

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Welcome Florence Comina!
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