About Us


There is something different about us. Some call us a special place. Some say we’re a banquet for the senses. We do not aim to please the masses. We are a sophisticated boutique for women in the heart of Ambleside and our reputation grows. We go to great lengths to find garments and accessories that cannot be found elsewhere.

We fly to Paris, Milan, London, and Los Angeles. We are always on the lookout for smaller ateliers who care about style, quality, the environment, and limit production. If need be, we’ll go further afield to find the new, unique and sublime. We do not want you to meet yourself on the street. 

We are a motley team. In our midst is an artist, dancer, writer, photographer, couturier, jewelry designer, and website expert. Some of us are related by blood. All of us are friends. We embrace our designers, sometimes break bread with them, and thrive on creative exchanges. You never know who you will meet or what you will find at LeslieJane but we guarantee, she-he-it will be out of the ordinary.

In a nutshell: we love the world and want to nurture its beauty, creativity, and each other.




In 1978, LESLIEJANE - the brainchild of Leslie Jane Tyrell - opened its doors in Ambleside, West Vancouver. Leslie, a fashion illustrator, wanted to create a beautiful space for engaged, passionate women who desired, like herself, something out of the ordinary, not fast clothing found in big-box stores.  

From the get-go, her boutique was unique, showcasing only fine-quality fabrics, original clothing and accessories that could not be found elsewhere in Vancouver, even Canada. Her source, for the most part, was small design studios around San Francisco and Los Angeles with limited production and a respect for the environment.

The world has changed considerably since the store’s early days, thanks, in large part, to technological advances and personal computers. Under the direction of Leslie’s son Paul Giesbrecht, LESLIEJANE has changed too. Using technology and its endless possibilities to garner knowledge, and travelling beyond North America to gather merchandise, the store evolves while remaining true to its founder’s desire to create something unique and beautiful. 


 Leslie Jane Tyrell



Leslie Jane Tyrell and Paul Giesbrecht 



Leslie Jane Tyrell and Yvonne Young