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La Bottega di Brunella, Positano Italy 

The success of the atelier of La Bottega di Brunella is family. Brunella, Vito, and their five children work together to create high-quality finely-detailed garments that are so original, so quietly sophisticated, they have attracted such celebrities as Ursula Andress, Eleonora Brigliadori and Enrica Bonaccorti.


Campomaggi, San Carlo di Cesena, Italy

Marco Campomaggi’s handbag and wallet collection display his love of the ancient art of leather processing and his passion for detail. Every item is unique, every embellishment is applied by hand. His artisan bags have a worn look, immediately feeling like an old, illustrious friend, that only becomes more valuable with the passing of time.


Bensimon, Paris France

When we saw several of our Parisian designers wearing chic sneakers, we asked “who” and heard Bensimon. The "La Tennis" - a 100% natural product that can be thrown in the washer and dryer - has been drifting around Paris for over 30 years and is now happily in-store. We love its practicality but are charmed by its “je ne sais quoi" (effortless elegance). Adored by celebrities, Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin were early adopters of these iconic tennis shoes.


Gianluca l'Artigiano del Cuoio Sandals, Florence Italy

This leather atelier insists that all its creations are “unique and precious” and that their beauty and comfort stem from the soft texture of the finest leather. Furthermore, the atelier guarantees that every item is handmade by experts, following the art of leather-working from days long past when its secrets were handed down from father to son. 


Manuelle Guibal, Paris France

Manuelle Guibal has a philosophical bent and a generous heart. Her spacious Parisian home is also her atelier and workshop where family, friends, and clients intermingle. Guibal believes clothes are a reflection of oneself and play the role of both clothing and shelter. Her creations are simple, enveloping, protective and calm yet often dazzle with tiny surprises and poetic details.


A punto B, Rome Italy

Barbara Garofalo’s mission is to create timeless pieces that embrace simplicity: “The goal is not to dress, but to live.” Her focus is on materials that are pure and natural - linen, cotton, gauze, cashmere, merino wool, and felt - sewn with meticulous attention to detail into styles that are intended to become their own tradition, enjoyed season after season. 


Vlas Blomme, Tokyo Japan

The finest flax anywhere is in Belgium and its flower’s “Vlas Blomme” is the quintessential label for the Japanese design house that imports its flax.  “Pure, natural, rich, comfortable, gentle gift of nature” describes this advocate of Slow Fashion that is environmentally and ethically conscious, and reflects the changing face of nature amidst classic design.


La Fée Parisienne, Paris France

Not all cashmeres are created equal: Lara Bruneau-Lauré boasts that hers is “the cashmere of your dreams”,  one of the finest in the world. Using only the the most precious, longest under-fleece of the Capra Circus of the Himalaya Highlands - gathered by combing not shearing - La Fee’s offerings are stylish, luxurious, exclusive, and, without doubt, a worthy investment. 


Margaret O’Leary,  San Francisco California 

O’Leary believes the past can inspire the future. From rural Ireland where she learned the art of sweater-making at her mother’s knee, she loves Scottish cashmere best. Add to this old love, her present need to stay warm and stylish, and one understands why celebrities like Kate Hudson, Madonna, Halle Berry and our customers adore her collections infused with a relaxed California chic. 


Johnny Was,  Los Angeles California

With a bohemian spirit and a true sense of authenticity, this design house takes its inspiration from anything that is beautiful, genuine and just that little bit special: the most exquisite embroidery and luxurious fabrics are combined to create looks that appear vintage but are decidedly modern. With effortless grace and style, all is designed to travel well or comfortably explore the riches at home. LeslieJane has carried Johnny Was continuously since 1988, it is a legacy design house for us. 


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Barbara Lang, Paris France

Barbara Lang will wax poetic about her newest collection, using words like voluminous, voluptuous, timeless but is reticent about showing on the internet so for this talented designer, you must visit our boutique. Lang is a perfectionist and environmentalist, and prides herself on creating durable clothing that can be worn from morn to eve, from city to country.


Elemente Clemente, Munich Germany

Elemente Clemente holds that as man is a part of nature, and creativity is a part of man, creative design must relate to nature. Its approach is cerebral but also organic and lasting. A synthesis of the modern silhouette, quality material and casual elegance combine to create clothing that is sophisticated while at the same time, superbly comfortable and wearable.


120% Lino, Bologna Italy

120% Lino accents how quality, experience and Italian know-how intersect and merge with the evolution of style. It is passionate about linen as only linen is ecologically sustainable and 100% recyclable. As this “noble fibre” takes on a new identity when processed and dyed, the company continues to research and experiment, creating new treatments, textures and colours every season.


Khadi & Company, Paris France

This atelier’s scarves, clothing, and household items are as exclusive as they are environmentally friendly: “Our cotton is naturally organic.” says Bess Nielsen, the company’s founder and designer.  “As for the goats, they live in total freedom in the mountains.”  Nielsen combines her love for India and preserving the artisan tradition with her love for fine quality and beauty. 


Never D Less, Florence Italy 

Like Maria Chiara herself, her scarves and shawls run the gamut from quiet sophistication to sensual extravagance. The highest quality natural fibres - namely silk, cashmere, linen,  ramie, and cotton - are woven in the family’s textile mill and then coloured with natural dyes giving Chiara the control and freedom to create her own unique weaves, textures, and colours.


Majestic Filatures, Paris France

Majestic’s deluxe T-shirts are handcrafted in Paris and manufactured exclusively in Europe. The atelier’s approach is to treat this basic item of clothing with respect, using only “noble” and natural fibres like silk, cotton, rayon, and cashmere. The end product is so original, soft and supremely comfortable, it becomes a luxurious staple even for the most discerning.


Cut Loose, San Francisco California

Without pretension, this company creates casual clothing that skims the body, simultaneously flattering the figure and allowing room to move. Every collection is garment-dyed in custom colours while keeping its environmental footprint as light as possible. The dyes are non-toxic, and waste water is neutralized so the salt doesn’t corrode the city’s pipes.


Krista Larson, Southern New Hampshire

Larson’s designs are distinctive, combining the past with the present, using vintage details on modern fabrics. Most of the buttons are antique.  Some trims, laces and ribbons are even marked by time. Sensitive to the stigma associated with sizing for women, all her masterpieces are one size and so varied that there is something special for most every body type.


Beyond Threads,  Seattle Washington

Inspired by the love for her native country, Cristina Dioguardi works with cottage industries and small to medium-sized factories in Peru to produce exclusive products of the finest alpaca, pima cotton, merino wool, and other natural fibres, The company has been practising the principles of Fair Trade and “eco-friendly” long before they became widely adopted.