Buying in Paris for LeslieJane, Fall/Winter 2019

Buying in Paris for LeslieJane, Fall/Winter 2019

Posted by Yvonne Young on 2019 Jan 30th

We don’t care if it rains or freezes, we are always happy to return to Paris.

Here Frances and I are once again in the garden of the Palais Royal where Louis XIV played as a child, en route to our first appointment of the day in the Marais. Yes, it’s a bit of a walk but who could resist on a dry day in January taking time for a glimpse of the site where Colette and Couteau sat discussing who knows what? There is so much to love in Paris


We couldn’t resist stopping in at Manuelle Guibal’s store in Galerie Vivienne (just a little out of our way) to visit with Tatiana.

We love Tatiana. She is a woman full of grace, wit, intelligence, and humour. She knows her business - and Guibal’s collection backwards and forwards, inside and out. If you ever happen upon Manuelle’s store in the Galerie and are lucky enough to meet this gorgeous woman, you can rely on her taste and expertise. She’ll help you find exactly what’s right for you.

We finally found our way to this showroom in the Marais. I’m shown in the picture with Anais (proud to be named after Anais Nin). I’m wearing a short-sleeve, v-neck tunic from CT Plage’s new fall/winter 2019 collection - a line from Japan that we launched last fall.

Do you remember the new round handbags from Campomaggi and the huge one that I had slung over my shoulder? Here is their newest, much smaller version for this fall.

There were also several exciting new designers that hopefully you will see this fall. (We want to have some surprises in-store for you.) 


We began our second day in another showroom in the Marais. In these pictures you see Gaia, the wonderful rep for a.b. apuntob modelling several of Barbara Garofalo’s new designs for fall. I can not begin to describe the quality of the wool plains and prints that make each item distinctive and lovely. Below is a pair of overalls that can be meticulously constructed in numerous fabrics. (If you are interested, please let Simone or Paul know.) I’m wearing a beautiful mossy cashmere pull.


From here, we caught the metro to the Porte de Versailles

I am pictured with Lara, the designer and owner of La Fee Parisienne. She is witty and bright and leans toward superlatives when describing her collection but I can’t blame her. I covet so many of her luxurious cashmere pulls and cardigans. 


We ended our day at the Elemente Clemente Stand working with three wonderful woman who are always kind and generous and willing to try on whatever and offer an opinion. (Those who love their boiled wools will be happy this fall.)

Our last day at Porte de Versailles, we visited with existing lines that LeslieJane carries, found some old friends, and some surprises. We return to Paris in March to view Manuelle Guibal’s and Vlas Blomme’s new collections for fall/winter 2019 and finalize orders.