Tribute to Frances Campbell

Posted by Yvonne on 2019 Oct 6th


By Yvonne Young

As I am in Paris attending the Spring/Summer 2020 “Who’s Next” market, I am constantly reminded of my dear friend and colleague “Fanny” who attended the market with me in February of this year and who died tragically on June 3rd, 2019. When I think of her ceaseless energy, curious nature, and quick wit, I am so happy that “we’ll always have Paris.”

Fanny loved Paris Fashion Week and our long walks and metro rides to the Porte de Versailles and Carousel de Louvre and numerous showrooms around the City of Light. She was an extraordinary assistant because of her skill with a camera and her extensive knowledge of fabrics and dressmaking. She had an eye for beauty and is responsible for several lines that now appear in LESLIEJANE. I cannot praise her enough nor can I condense this intelligent loving woman’s life into a few short paragraphs. She was too rich, too complex, and too lovely for words. (I miss her.)

All at LESLIEJANE are grateful for her contribution and filled with sorrow at her passing.