Ready for a Beautiful Spring: Our Newest Arrivals

Ready for a Beautiful Spring: Our Newest Arrivals

2019 Feb 20th

For those who have fallen in love with Vlas Blomme, our newest and largest-ever collection has just arrived. Yoriko Sakurama’s designs, combining classic Japanese with contemporary silhouettes, are unique with such infinite attention to detail, we are in awe. A linen shirt, a cotton tee, a floral skirt or blouse - whatever you choose will spoil you forever.

One of the easiest and most beautiful ways to add colour to your wardrobe is with scarves but not just any old scarf. Our new Épice collection - designed in Copenhagen by Jan Machenhauer and Bess Nielsen of Khadi & Co - vibrate with colour and pattern. Each piece is truly a work of art.And for the first time, we have added matching hats and totes!

For those who adore our idiosyncratic Barbara Lang, our first shipment of spring cottons has arrived, soon to be followed by her light linens.

Happily, Elemente Clemente’s glorious Irish linen cross-dyes and Italian light linens have just landed on our doorstep, followed by Johnny Was news - Boho chic tops and jackets in silks and rayons, brightly coloured or boldly printed or lavishly embroidered.

Our spring deliveries continue with Margaret O’Leary who has graced the store for decades. This season’s choice pieces include tees, pulls, and cardigans in neutrals, blues, and sage.