Introducing Cire Trudon Candles from France

Introducing Cire Trudon Candles from France

2019 Nov 10th

Cire Trudon | 1643

We are thrilled to announce that Trudon Candles have arrived at LeslieJane. If you could see the luminescence of candles at the Palace of Versailles at nightfall under the reign of Louis XIV or Louis XV, you would know the magnificence of Cire Trudon, founded in the year 1643. To this day, each candle is handmade and stamped with the motto “Deo Regique Laborant” (“The Bees work for God and the King”). The wax formulas are the source of its exceptional olfactory and burning qualities. The scents are created in partnership with world class perfumers, and every glass holder, inspired by champagne buckets, is unique and handcrafted in Tuscany. 

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