LeslieJane European Spring Launch Saturday, April 1st 10am–6pm

2017 Mar 27th

As a homage to Spring and our European Designers’ Inspired Collections, we’re throwing a Party at LeslieJane Saturday, April 1st from 10 am to 6 pm

Bring a gently-used piece of LeslieJane clothing that we’ll donate to charity and receive 10% off your purchases on April 1st.

Prepare to “party party” this Saturday. The more the merrier so bring a friend or two or three. We shall set the scene with lights, balloons, live music, and refreshments. We want laughter to erupt, conversation to flow, and a good time to be had by all. We also want to woo you with Europe’s most creative new collections.

Campomaggi’s newest handbags and wallets have just arrived and are magnifico! One lucky person, with her purchase, will win one of these hand-made beauties.

apuntob—also from Italy—reminds us of the seaside with its nautical stripes though we are especially wowed by the spicy gold-coloured pulls and heavier flax-coloured jacket.

Manuelle Guibal, our darling daring Parisian, continues to surprise us with her manipulation of fine linen and cotton. Her “sun” and “mint” colours are over-the-top gorgeous.

Vlas Blomme, though Japanese, is sort of European: its flax is imported from Belgium. Forever innovative, this collection includes knit and cross-dyed linen in see-worthy turquoise, sage, and baby blue.

Parisian Barbara Lang’s new artsy linen dresses, and flouncy tops in soft white and beiges with an occasional red detail are pure whimsy and romance.

The loose and tightly woven linen from La Bottega di Brunella of Positano is wild and wonderful as is their colour palette of neutrals that erupts into bold golds, blues, purples, and reds.

Never-D-Less scarves from Florence—also masterfully woven in glorious spring colours—are the perfect accessory.

The store is bursting to its seams with Europe’s newest additions including our US neighbour, Johnny Was with its florals, checks, and embroideries, reminiscent of a spring bouquet. Don’t miss the fun and the chance to see all while selection is at its best.